Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Review: Mission Possible

Mission Possible Spiritual CoveringMission Possible Spiritual Covering by Deborah L. McCarragher

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A Book Review: MISSION POSSIBLE – A Must Read!

By D.L. McCarragher

Will he ever change? Will things ever be the same? How do I make him understand? These maybe some questions asked by women who are on the edge of making a life changing decision when it comes to their marriage.

The Authors statement in the Preface … “When GOD “chooses” you in the midst of your marriage as a believer, you have but one mission to fulfill – that is believing for your mate’s salvation”. The question to you would be: Are you ready to accept your mission as a wife?

Mission Possible is a remarkably written book to encourage women who are on assignment to stand in the gap for their husbands. Although I am a single woman, I believe this book was a preparation in hopes of being married one day and what to expect in my role as a wife. As a single mother raising a son, I can see a difference in our relationship after reading this book. Rather you’re married or single,the “Seek and Find” questions and scriptures are good for study, prayer and application. I received great insight of who I am and what God expects of me as His daughter.

One of the her quotes that will remain with me always…”HOPE is putting FAITH “on the line” – and expecting results”! I recommend this book to any woman whose at her wit ends and about to give up on her marriage. Please don’t give up! Read this book and allow God to strengthen your faith to believe with Him all things are possible!

I absolutely loved it!

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