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A Woman with a Passion to help others Pursue their Purpose!

We've had an awesome week and I wanted to close out these WE Rock (Women Empowered) interviews with an international minister, author and consultant. I connected with Rev. Barnett a few years ago, when she ministered at Higher Dimension Church. It was a powerful word and I prayed Lord, I need to connect with her. Today, I am very thankful to have her here to tell us about her ministry, her book, and a little bit about herself!

CP: Thank you Rev. Barnett, I am so excited to have you here. Give us a brief bio of who you are?

LRB: I am a native of Houston, Texas well-known for a very relevant and spiritually-empowering speaking gift. I am a servant-leader in the Body of Christ who ministers God word that is bold, relevant, energetic and theologically sound to reveal the will of God empowers believers to live it! I am so honored to be called by God and gifted to serve in diverse contexts, to deliver His truth with compassion while touching the heart and stimulating the mind. I have been so blessed to gain the experience in international evangelism and missions, my personal motto is: "The world is my pulpit!"

In November of 2008, “author” was added to my resume’ with the publication of The Intensified Life:Experience God and Live to Tell About It! The book is a study based on a teaching series I created in 2006. Testimonies from men and women about the experience were powerful and continued for more than two years. With the sponsorship of HER Call Ministries the book was published with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the support of Christian leaders in America, Jamaica, Africa and India. The Intensified Life is available nationwide through major book retailers and the Internet.

As CEO of Essentials Intensified Consulting I am providentially poised to share my gifts with the Body of Christ and make eternally significant investments for God's Kingdom. Natural skills and advanced training in counseling (MA in Community Counseling) have combined with spiritual discernment, biblical training (MA in Practical Theology) and practical experience has given me a dynamic foundation from which to advise and provide consulting services to ministries. After serving for more than six years on a pastoral leadership team, including three years as an assistant pastor, I have launched a significant and successful 501c3 non-profit ministry, HER Call Ministries.

CP: This is awesome. With that said, can you give us a brief overview of Her Call Ministries?

LRB: Her Call Ministries is female clergy and visionaries with high-tech training, networking venues, leadership and ministerial resources. Our vision is to inspire and equip women to be dynamic and biblically sound ministers and leaders to advance the Kingdom of God. Our mission is to provide training, coaching and networking that enable women to pursue a plan of action for integrating faith, family and finances in order to fulfill their unique call to ministry in the Kingdom of God.

CP: I love Her Call Ministries logo. It was interesting to read what it represents. The 5-diamond logo represents the standard of excellence with which you aspire to achieve in everything you do to serve and partner with other women. Who do you imagine is your ideal client?

LRB: I love partnering with leaders who want to bring transformation to their organizations/ministries. I believe I am a challenger to those who may be stuck in an old paradigm and need change. I love exposing leaders to new possibilities and collaborating to implement processes that engage people to use their gifts in creative and productive ways. Therefore, my ideal client is anyone interested in integrating spirituality in their business culture or ministries looking to enhance team performance to impact more lives for the Kingdom of God.

CP: If given the opportunity to speak with one of the most influential women past or present, who would it be and what would you ask her?

LRB: This is a difficult question because there are several women who could speak to different aspects of my life and no individual woman I know of that can speak to the whole. As of today, I can say Mary, the mother of Jesus, simply because she was closest to the one person who has had the greatest impact on the world. I think I'd like to know about the things Scripture does not tell us and ask her to clarify what we think we know about her first born child. She witnessed many things and pondered them in her heart. That's the information I'd like to know. How did she survive seeing her child tortured? What was it like learning that his body was no longer in the tomb? Yes, Mary is the woman I would like to talk with right now but if you ask me next month that may change.

CP: What one book, written by a woman, do you wish you'd written yourself? Why?

LRB: The first great book I recall reading that impacted me was "Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. It is a classic devotional and as much as I loved reading it I can't say that I wish I had written it. God has given me grace to be very please with the gifts HE placed in others but I don't wish for what they have. Instead, I am driven to seek God so that my gifts are matured and manifested for His glory. So the books I have written (and still work on completing) are the only ones I "wish" for myself.

CP: What was your journey to get where you are today? Any advice you can give to younger women?

LRB: I feel as though I was thrust into ministry from the time I was in high school participating in the Bible club to this very day. I am grateful that my college years are loaded with tremendous spiritual growth and ministry activity which helped to shape my life. I heard the call to preaching ministry in graduate school and God blessed me to attend seminary so I could have a good start in the world of church work as a young woman. When my time of transition came into more independent and international ministry it was through a series of challenging, yet ordained circumstances. My path has been an adventure with God that continues to keep me in awe of His grace and faithfulness. I don't think I have reached the full measure of my potential or the next plateau of productivity by any means. Steadfast service in the calling on my life and faith that God orders my steps keeps me busy.

Younger women should invest as much time, prayer and energy as possible into knowing God's voice and will for their lives. Every dream will not come to fruition immediately. Some plans will be changed and others will only be revealed in hind-sight. Nothing can replace a noble character and a spirit of excellence so never take a short-cut or minimize the value of integrity.

CP: Do you find it difficult to manage your time, speaking engagements, shifting focus between marketing your ministry, as well as any day-to-day responsibilities?

LRB: Yes! However, I am only committed to doing what I believe God requires of me. Therefore, marketing and day-to-day responsibilities are subject to the direction of God. I do have a planner and lists of things-to-do but all of it is prayerfully considered and totally subject to change as God leads.

CP: What's next for you? Any upcoming events in the horizon?

LRB: I am working to complete a book that should be available this Fall. HER Call Ministries is expanding so there are a few events beyond Houston we will host to get more women connected with our mission. We are also prayerfully planning and extremely excited about our 5th year celebration and major conference in 2012.

CP: How can we stay connected with you?

LRB: Visit my website at

Thank you so much for stopping by Reverend Barnett! I’m sure everyone has enjoyed meeting you and hearing about you as much as I have. Also, I want to encourage you ladies to go to her website and find out more about Her Call Ministries.

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