Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wow, Does Time Flies!

New Me

As I sit here and look out of the window, it is such a beautiful day. I was thinking, it is less than 90 days remaining in 2011. This time of year, I usually do self-reflection. I ask myself: "look back on this year which of your goals have you reached"? "Which ones haven't you reached? Has it been a good year"? "A productive or non-productive year"?

Friend, as a word of encouragement to you, take some time to ask yourself these questions as well and dot down your answers. I have an even better idea! Take this time to get a journal and journal your answers, this way when you read your journal this time next year you can see the progress you have made.

I always have kept a journal. Even as a little girl, I kept a diary. My thoughts, my ideas, my successes, my challenges and whatever else I decide to keep track of where my life is concerned. I invite you to do the same. You never know what may happen. Your journal may end up a book ...**wink**!

Life is ever changing. Things happen and as time moves forward we often forget about them. Capture those precious moments of your life and then go back and read them just to see how far you have come. You would even surprise yourself! Keep moving, stay on purpose, and have an awesome week!



  1. Hello Cynthia,
    I am so glad I found this Blog. I have been through a challenging time in my life and I am bravely fighting on. As I approach another anniversary of my twin's death on October 16, I am trying to focus on the happy times we had together. It has been a difficult journey. I have been a Freelance writer for many years and never thought I could write again. I read Dr. Raymond William Brandt's Book Twin Loss where he encouraged the surviving thing to start a journal. I did that and started writing again. I have articles and poems on my Blog that I wrote during that time. Writing has been a good grief management tool for me. Take care and all the best to you.

  2. Hello Judy,
    How are you? I am thankful you found us as well. I commend you because it took courage for you to even write this post. So kudo's to you. This is a great accomplishment and another step to your journey to healing. It is a process my dear and every step you take to healing deserves a *high-five*... Be encouraged and God bless!