Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Book Review: strategically-written, encouraging and inspiring work!

It Had to Happen by Cynthia A. Patterson is a strategically-written, encouraging and inspiring work!

In this book, Ms. Patterson guides the reader through a very introspective, yet necessary, self-examination to uncover and recognize issues in their lives that require God’s healing touch.

To assist the reader in this process, Ms. Patterson beautifully utilizes (as a mirror of reflection) the issues of the Biblical character known as “the woman with the issue of blood” and that of other everyday women.

Through the help of It Had to Happen, the reader takes a transformative journey to seek God’s wisdom and strength while simultaneously facing the issues in their lives and developing a personal relationship with Christ. This transformational experience draws readers to make the critical decision to surrender themselves, broken fragments, dysfunctional pasts, hurts and issues included, to God’s presence, power, perfect will and purpose for their lives.

It Had to Happen is a must-read for anyone on the journey to personal healing, those helping others heal, and those persons who are further cultivating their personal relationships with Christ!

After reading this book, you will understand why IT (the questionable things and situations in your life) had to happen for your good and for God's Glory!

Well done, Ms. Cynthia Patterson!

Felecia Artis, Founder of Generational Blessings Ministries

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