Monday, July 25, 2011

The Perfect Getaway

What's your perfect getaway? A nail salon appointment? A spa appointment? A nice morning sitting on your balcony admiring nature? A candlelight dinner for two? Or a Saturday sitting around in your pajamas, watching your favorite chic movies, while at the same time taking advantage of your only splurge day to eat whatever you want?

We all need to getaway once in awhile. We all need to take a break -- from people, work, and causes we love so much. If you doubt that or feel a twinge of guilt because of it, consider this: It's time and you are way overdue! There are times we will experience fatigue and overload that will require us to have true rest. I had a mentor tell me once "you have to put yourself on your own to-do list". This word of advice was priceless to me. I have a standard ME-day weekly appointment.

But I got to thinking about her advice and realized, one true getaway I do know like no other; is when we go to God. When we go to Him we find this true rest we need.
In the shadow of His wings, our souls live, truly and forever. In His presence there is peace, acceptance, compassion, and security.

Most spas require a reservation. Even nail and hair salons schedule appointments. But this getaway is ours for the asking whenever we need it. Even on the spur of the moment. Heavens's door stands open: "Come to me". Whether we're weary and worried or elated and energized, we can come. Need a getaway? Then run into God's arms!


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  2. What a great and inspiring post. :-)